Team Communications and Staff Safety in One Platform

Some of the biggest Hospitality Brands are using Relay

Helping Hospitality Teams Get More Done

Best-In-Class Emergency Alert System

Deploy a complete emergency alert system on your property in less than a day. No downtime, extra fees or changes to your infrastructure.

Locate Your Team Indoors and Outside

Relay gives you the power of indoor room-level location and outdoor GPS in one platform. View location in real-time with the Relay App or Dashboard. 

Fast and Easy Communication

Talk to anyone on smartphones, laptops, or relays – across your property or across the nation

Keep Track of Important Equipment

Utilize Asset Trackers to locate your equipment indoors in real-time through the Relay App or Dashboard.

A pop up bubble showing where the cart is located.
A Hotel employee recovering a lost luggage cart.

90% of Hospitality Professionals Said Relay Helps Their Team Meet Guest Expectations​

*Results taken from a Relay Impact Survey conducted in May 2023

Using Relay made me realize I was living in another decade with my old radio system.

Erin Miller

General Manager, Convene Hospitality

Relay Allows You to Get Rid of Your Old Radios


Instant Communication


Multiple Channel Support

Compact Size

Military-Grade Durability

Nationwide 4G LTE + WiFi Range

Outdoor GPS Tracking

Indoor Room-Level Location

Built-In Emergency Alert System

Unlimited Channels

Translate 30+ Languages

Cloud Connected

Why Hotel Operators Choose Relay

Radios Are a Headache

Bulky, fragile and limited in range, radio systems can be complex and the hidden cost of repeater systems add up quick.

Communicate + Locate

Relay’s cloud-based platform combines both nationwide communication and indoor/outdoor location in one.

Integrated Emergency Alert Solution

Team members can initiate emergency alerts from their Relay+ that reports precise, room-level location to the designated panic responders.

Huge Savings

Relay’s multi-purpose functionality allow properties to eliminate costly two-way radios and subsequent repeaters, licenses and maintenance.

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