Giving you the right data to make the right decision


Get better insights into what your teams are doing

Our passive data collection system is your key to unlocking a wealth of insights into what your teams are doing.

Performance Trends

Gain insights that were once out of reach, and implement changes to streamline operations.

Continuous Monitoring

Track key performance indicators and continue to improve as a business.

Relay automates data collection and alerts you when necessary

Data is collected passively

Delivery Complete

Processed in real-time and stored in the cloud

You're notified when attention is needed​


Food Cart D has been idle for over 10min.

Helping frontline teams excel

We help hotels keep track of key people and assets

We help commercial spaces complete tasks faster ​​

We help Hospitals deliver food more efficiently

We’ve had a 36% increase in the timeliness of meal deliveries within the first 90 days

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