The Simple and Fast Way to Keep Your Team Connected


Fragmented Communications Are Holding Your Team Back

Two-Way Radios

Bulky and slow, radios can only communicate with other radios and range limitations can leave team members out of reach.

Smartphones & Texting

Distracting and sometimes dangerous, phones require your head down, focused on a screen, and cannot communicate with two-way radios.

Imagine how much better your team would be if they could all stay in sync, in a simple and fast way.

Relay Unifies Communications Across All Your Teams

Relay enables private and group communications, bridging the gap between individuals, teams, and organizations.

Relay offers a seamless nationwide range, backed by multiple redundant cellular networks, to ensure you’re connected wherever you go.

Choose the device that best fits the way your team works. Connect via Relay+, smartphone app, or laptop dashboard.

Relay supports real-time language translation in 30+ languages, ensuring that everyone can participate in the conversation.


Designed to be used by teams big and small

Relay App

Designed with managers or team leaders in mind


Designed for system administration and alert management

Covering 99% of all Americans

The Two-Way Radio... Reimagined

Nationwide Range 4G LTE + WiFi
Indoor + Outdoor Location
Push-to-Talk Group Communication
Water-Resistant & Durabile
Unlimited Channels
Team Broadcast
Language Translation

We’ve used Relay for about four months. Switching from Radios was the best decision.

Patty Davis

General Manager, MarQueen Hotel

Why Are You Still Using Radios?

Two-Way Radio


We were sold on Relay after it got run over by a 40,000 lb truck and had no damage.

Leadership Team

Performance Proppants

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