Fast and Accurate Communication When It Matters Most

Coordinate Teams and Communicate Clearly

Instant Communication and Collaboration

Communicate in the same area or across different locations. This can help improve efficiency, safety, and overall communication across your venue.

GPS and Room-Level Location

Ultimate flexibility and customization options to meet the specific needs of different types of large venues.

Customizable Emergency Alerts

Team-wide, location-based alerts for severe weather, security threats, or other emergencies.

Keep Your Team on Task

Create and customize alerts based on specific criteria like time and motion, location proximity or anomalous situations.

Large Venues We Serve

Stadiums and Arenas

Coordinate operations, security, and facilities management for thousands of people.

Convention Centers

Efficient communication  provides a better experience for attendees, exhibitors, and staff alike.


Communicate with and pinpoint the location of staff members, equipment, and vehicles in real-time.

Amusement Parks

Real-time updates and notifications, ensuring that all park personnel are informed and up-to-date.

If there’s an emergency, we can get the location, and the panic alarm feature that really has it really sped up our response.

Paco Medina

Security Manager, French Lick Casino & Resort

Relay Allows You to Get Rid of Your Old Radios


Instant Communication


Multiple Channel Support

Compact Size

Military-Grade Durability

Nationwide 4G LTE + WiFi Range

Outdoor GPS Tracking

Indoor Room-Level Location

Built-In Emergency Alert System

Unlimited Channels

Translate 30+ Languages

Cloud Connected

Why Large Venues Choose Relay

Radios Have Limited Range

Relay offers real-time messaging across different locations and devices, making it easier for staff to communicate quickly and effectively.

Staff Accountability

Management can keep track of where staff are and what they are doing, ensuring that everyone is working together towards common goals.

Emergency Alert System

Relay includes a best-in-class panic alerts and emergency response workflows, which can help improve safety and security in large venues. 

Accurate Location

Indoor and outdoor location tracking enabling managers to easily locate staff and efficiently responds to maintenance or guest issues.

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