Faster, More Consistent Food Service

Streamline Your Food Service Operations

Track On-Time Delivery

Track the location of meal deliveries, ensuring that meals are delivered promptly and accurately to patients and staff members

Quick and Efficient Communication

Cellular and WiFi powered, Relay lets you connect from anywhere, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Show Performance With Data

Relay’s data-driven approach  allows you to effectively showcase the positive impact on operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, error reduction, and cost savings.

Keep Track of Important Equipment​

Utilize Asset Trackers to locate your equipment indoors in real-time through the Relay App or Dashboard.

A food service trolley with meals in it.

We understand that delivering prompt, accurate meals enhance patient satisfaction and well-being.

Relay has provided the visibility to really hone in on the things that are going to increase our patient satisfaction.

Aisha Boston

Senior Director of Food & Nutrition, Morrison Healthcare

Relay Allows You to Get Rid of Your Old Radios


Instant Communication


Multiple Channel Support

Compact Size

Military-Grade Durability

Nationwide 4G LTE + WiFi Range

Outdoor GPS Tracking

Indoor Room-Level Location

Built-In Emergency Alert System

Unlimited Channels

Translate 30+ Languages

Cloud Connected

Why Food Service Teams Choose Relay

Streamlined Communication

4G LTE Cellular and WiFi-powered communication system enables teams to communicate more efficiently and in more places.

Higher Patient Satisfaction

By ensuring accurate and timely meal delivery, Relay helps food service teams improve patient satisfaction and enhance the overall dining experience.

Location Tracking

Room-level location allowes you to easily locate staff, equipment, and inventory, reducing wait times and improving efficiency.

Understand Team Performance

Make data-driven decisions and optimize team performance using our passive data collection system.

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