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Stay Safe and Connected: Panic Alerts with Two-Way Talk


Leading the Industry in Worker Safety

Panic and Talk in One Device

Relay combines a complete panic alert system and two-way communications in one device. You won’t find that in another panic solution.

Fast and Accurate Location Alerts

Relay panic alerts save vital seconds with instant notifications, unlike others that can delay for up to a minute.

Reliable and Redundant Connectivity​

Relay offers unparalleled reliability with its triple redundancy and long-lasting Bluetooth beacons, ensuring continuous connectivity, unlike other systems that require expensive maintenance.

Brand Approved​

Relay’s extensive brand approvals and legislative compliance in multiple regions guarantee it as a reliable choice, ensuring satisfaction with any mandated requirements.

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Keep Track of Important Equipment

Easily locate equipment indoors, in real-time from our dashboard or mobile device using Asset Trackers







Our success in numbers

We’ve implemented Relay at our hotels for both communication and alert devices with great success.

Kathy Rutledge

Hospitality Professional

How It Works

Relay’s Panic Alert System combines connected hardware, cloud-based software, and mobile location & connectivity capabilities.


Carried by associates, used to trigger alerts and communicate

Location Beacon

Install to guest rooms for indoor location tracking

Relay App

For leaders, alert response and communication

Relay Dashboard

For administrators, cloud-based management

Sending a Panic Alert

The Relay alert process is accurate, fast, and flexible. Our system ensures that responses can be immediately coordinated by teams on-site & off-site. Relay has supported over 5,000 alert incidents across our properties.

Panic Alert Triggered

Associates rapid-press the center button at least five times. This method is easy to perform under duress and minimizes false alerts.

Responders Notified

Panic responders (using Relay+, Relay App and the Dashboard) receive immediate notifications containing the name and indoor/outdoor location.

Responders Communicate

Panic responderscan immediately communicate in a push-to-talk channel, whether they are on-site or off-site.

Helping businesses stay safe

We help hotels stay safe with panic workflows

Trigger a panic workflow that alerts team members, sends room-level location and initiates two-way communication.

We help large venues respond to incidents faster

Key word alerts can be customized to perform emergency actions that best suit your team.

We help healthcare organizations stay safe and secure

Providing a lifeline for behavioral health centers, including addiction treatment centers, mental health clinics, counselors, and more.

Deployment is fast and simple

Hotel & Resort

800+ room resort was mapped in only 6 hours


2.5M sq. ft. airport was mapped in only 6 hours


2.1M sq. ft. hospital was mapped in only 4 hours


3M sq. ft. stadium was mapped in only 1 day


200,000+ sq. ft. warehouse was mapped in only 2 hours

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I would recommend Relay to whoever else is looking for a panic system.

Wayne Burgher

General Manager, Residence Inn Grand Rapids Airport

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