Real-Time Communication for Effective Work Coordination

Improve Productivity, Streamline Operations, and Enhance Overall Performance.

Instant Communication

Communicate instantly and efficiently. Whether it’s coordinating inventory management, tracking shipments, or addressing urgent issues, Relay enables quick and seamless collaboration among team members.

Highly Accurate Location Tracking

Real-time visibility allows teams to locate people and monitor assets efficiently, minimizing search time and improving operational efficiency.

Allocate Personnel More Effectively

Identify available resources nearby, make informed decisions, and optimize workflows to maximize productivity and minimize downtime.

Track and Report on Work

Operating behind the scenes, Relay seamlessly collects data on work hours, response times, task durations, and other key metrics, providing invaluable insights to optimize efficiency and productivity.

Relay has replaced our company-paid cell phones as well as the expensive radios that were constantly lost due to battery degradation.

- Global Leader in Moving Goods

Orlando, Florida

Relay Allows You to Get Rid of Your Old Radios


Instant Communication


Multiple Channel Support

Compact Size

Military-Grade Durability

Nationwide 4G LTE + WiFi Range

Outdoor GPS Tracking

Indoor Room-Level Location

Built-In Emergency Alert System

Unlimited Channels

Translate 30+ Languages

Cloud Connected

Why Warehouse Teams Choose Relay

Radios Are a Headache

Larger warehouse spaces or facilities with multiple floors can result in communication dead zones or reduced clarity.

Real-Time Visibility

Relay enables teams to locate in real time, reducing search time and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Streamlined Communication

Relay allows you to connect the right people across all areas of your operations – whether they use smartphones, laptops or Relay+.

Savings Backed by Data

By passively collecting real-time data insights, Relay empowers teams to optimize their operations, make informed decisions, and prevent costly mistakes.

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