Elevate Your Casino Communication and Security

Some of the biggest Hospitality Brands are using Relay

Better Connectivity and Faster Incident Response

Fewer Communications Headaches

Seamless redundancy across three cell networks and Wi-Fi ensures strong connectivity throughout your property, even in the most remote areas of the gaming floor.

More Control and Visibility Across Your Teams

Experience rapid incident response like never before with GPS precision, integrated communication and room-level location data, enhancing safety and efficiency throughout your casino property.

Your IT Team Will Thank You

Streamlined, user-friendly, and easily deployable software-based device management. Relay+ is both lightweight and compact, reducing physical strain on users.

If people knew about Relay, they would make the change in a heartbeat.

Ben Harlow

IT Director, Monarch Casino Resort Spa Black Hawk

Relay is much more than a radio


Instant Communication


Multiple Channel Support

Compact Size

Military-Grade Durability

Nationwide 4G LTE + WiFi Range

Outdoor GPS Tracking

Indoor Room-Level Location

Built-In Emergency Alert System

Unlimited Channels

Translate 30+ Languages

Cloud Connected

Why Casinos Choose Relay

Huge Savings

Relay’s multi-purpose functionality allow properties to eliminate costly two-way radios and subsequent repeaters, licenses and maintenance.

Improved Security

Encrypted channels, SOC dashboards, GPS tracking and room level integrated emergency alert solution, all lead to faster incident response.

Better Connectivity

Superior redundancy across three major cell networks and wifi means you can connect across your entire property.

Improved Communication

Software based control enables unlimited channels and flexibility to communicate in a way that works best for you.

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