Connected Hardware

The Relay system is a unique combination of connected hardware, cloud-based software, and mobile location and connectivity capabilities.

Communication Hardware


A rugged device designed to be intuitively used and easily carried by large, diverse, and distributed teams. It has no screen, only 4 buttons and a ring of LED indicator lights all packed into a super small 68x68x17 mm size weighing a mere 79 grams.

What is the range of Relay+?

Nationwide range across the United States and with unlimited use. We use a combination of 4G LTE cellular networks and WiFi to cover just about everywhere.

Is Relay+ available outside the USA?

At this time, Relay+ is available for use in the USA.

Is Relay+ waterproof?

Relay+ is IP-X8 water resistant, which is submersible to 1.5 meter depth for up to 30 minutes.

How durable is Relay+?

Relay+ is durable by design. Wrapped in silicone and sealed tightly with no protruding parts. There’s no antennas or buttons to break and it’s tested against MIL STD-810G for temperature extremes, shock/drop, vibration, high humidity and salt fog exposure.

How do I make sure Relay+ doesn’t get lost?

You can utilize GPS tracking and alert tones to locate misplaced devices. We also offer several accessories that help keep Relay+ close like our Loop case with lanyard and our Belt clip case.

How long will Relay+ battery last?

Relay+ can be expected to last 20+ hours at standby and 8-12 hours with heavy usage. Battery life depends on device settings, usage, network, and many other factors

How do I charge Relay+

Every Relay+ comes with a USB-C cable and power adapter. We also offer a multi-unit charging station that allows six devices to be charged at once. Charge time is less than 2 hours.

Can I talk to multiple groups?

Yes, you can create and communicate with an unlimited number of groups. You can create a group of any size combining Relay+, Relay app and Relay dashboard users.

How do I set up my Relay+ devices?

Activation of your devices is easy and simple through the Relay dashboard. You can set up, add, remove, or edit users in real-time.

Can I use bluetooth headphones with my Relay+?

Yes, Relay is compatible with bluetooth headphones.

How does language translation work?

Relays have a built-in translate command, transforming them into pocket translators. You can also set a preferred language for each team member so all incoming and outgoing communications are translated in real-time. Learn more

Is there a limit on users or devices on an account?

There is no limit to the number of users or devices on an account.


Location Hardware

Location Beacons

Provides precise room-level indoor location. Much like satellite-based GPS is used for outdoor positioning, these beacons provide the same information for indoor positioning. This allows for employees to locate one another within a building throughout the day or during an emergency response.

Asset Trackers

Asset trackers allow companies with Relay indoor location deployments to track their equipment. Asset trackers emit a bluetooth signal (just like beacons) that Relay devices detect. When an asset is in range of a Relay device, the Relay will report the assets location. Asset locations may be viewed in the Relay App or Dashboard in real-time, reporting the room, device they were seen by, and the last seen timestamp


Loop Case with Lanyard

The loop case combines added protection and wearability for your Relay+. The carabiner allows the lanyard to be easily removed and can clip onto a backpack or belt loop. Includes carabiner clip and breakaway lanyard.

Spring Clip Case

A custom matched holster solution for those who want to comfortably clip their Relay+ to a belt or shirt lapel. The clip can be rotated for maximum flexibility on how the clip is worn.

Relay+ 6-Port USB Charging Station

Charge up to 6 Relay+ devices simultaneously. The slot dividers will accommodate the Relay+ with or without the case. The charging station includes 6 charging cables + 2 spares to keep your charging area clean and organized.

Mono Headset Ear Hook Kit

Durable and weather resistant headset brings all the great Relay+ functions to your fingertips. Large, easy-to-find talk button makes team communication simple and easy. Wear it all day with the comfortable earpiece solution.

Headset Controller

Customize your headset experience with the headset controller. Interchangeable earpieces allow you to choose from a selection of high quality earpieces commonly used for your team communications. Water resistant and built for all weather conditions. 

Note: This headset requires a separate earpiece to work.

Ear Hook Earpiece

Great solution for work environments where there are a large number of users, with a limited number of relay+. The high quality speaker will ensure you hear your team in indoor and outdoor environments. 

Note: This earpiece is compatible with Headset Controller.

Acoustic Tube Earpiece

Great for employees working directly with end customers needing highly discreet communication with teams. 

Note: This earpiece is compatible with Headset Controller.

D-Ring Earpiece

The most hygienic earpiece makes sharing a possibility and reduces the total cost of ownership. The high quality speaker will ensure you do not miss team member communications. Fits left or right ear. 

Note: This earpiece is compatible with Headset Controller.

Swivel Earpiece

This over-the-ear solution is meant for comfort all day long with a flexible and lightweight rubber piece that fits gently behind the ear. The high quality speaker will ensure you do not miss team member communications. Easy to sanitize if earpiece sharing is required. 

Note: This earpiece is compatible with Headset Controller.

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