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Relay is the cloud platform for frontline teams

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Tailored for frontline teams, Relay is an innovative platform that combines hardware, cloud software, and mobile connectivity.

Using Relay made me realize I was living in another decade with my old radio system.

Erin Miller

General Manager, Convene Hospitality

Our success in numbers







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Communications Built for the Future

Relay bridges the gaps between devices and languages, offering a seamless communication experience nationwide, making it easier than ever to connect with others.

A Market Leader in Worker Safety

Relay’s platform ensures frontline team safety with emergency alerts, real-time location, two-way communication, and a commitment to brand safety compliance.

Boost Performance With Cloud Data Insights

Relay’s platform is your path to team optimization, offering operational insights that enable your team to work smarter and achieve greater efficiency.

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This device is finally trying to kill off the walkie-talkie

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