Relays cell + WiFi technology was the key to connecting the entire team



The hotel adopted Relay to facilitate seamless communication between different departments, streamline food orders, and ensure quick readiness checks. Relay’s features, such as reliable connectivity, location tracking, and user-friendly interface, addressed the specific challenges faced by the hotel.

Enhancing Communication at Ambassador Hotel with Relay

In the heart of the Midtown district of Oklahoma City, there stands a historic gem – the Ambassador Hotel. With its 54 rooms and a commitment to providing boutique luxury, the Ambassador Hotel prides itself on delivering exceptional service to its guests. But behind the scenes, the hotel faced significant communication challenges among its staff that threatened to hinder their ability to provide seamless service.


Overcoming Communication Hurdles

Before adopting Relay, the hotel experimented with various communication solutions, including Motorola radios, Retevis brand radios from Amazon, and a subscription service called Orion. Each of these options came with its own set of problems – issues with connectivity through walls, inability to penetrate historic brick walls, and complications arising from the devices’ multifunctionality that made them challenging for less tech-savvy employees to use effectively.


Finding the Perfect Fit: Relay Steps In

Enter Relay, a communication solution that promised to overcome these challenges. A brief test with Relay devices demonstrated their ability to penetrate walls, work seamlessly in elevators, cover large distances, and provide an extremely simple user interface. For K. Jason Clark, the Director of Operations at Ambassador Hotel, Relay emerged as the clear choice.


Empowering Teams: How Relay Made a Difference

Relay became an integral part of the hotel’s operations, primarily assisting the Valet and Front Desk teams. Additionally, communication between the Kitchen and the Rooftop Bar was streamlined, enhancing the efficiency of food orders and readiness checks. Unlike standard walkie-talkies or cell phones, Relay offered the reliability of connection through various obstacles and a user-friendly interface that made it accessible to all employees, regardless of their technical expertise.


The Unique Features of Relay: A Game-Changer

Aside from its reliable two-way communication, Relay’s location tracking feature proved invaluable to the hotel. It helped retrieve devices that employees had accidentally taken home, ensuring that the communication network remained intact. The Ambassador Hotel opted for a simple 2-channel setup, leveraging Relay’s functionality without getting overwhelmed by unnecessary features.


Quick Communication and Ease of Use

The implementation of Relay brought forth rapid communication and unmatched ease of use. For the Ambassador Hotel, the benefits were not just about efficient communication; it was about taking their services to an entirely new level. Relay’s elegant solution to interdepartmental communications revolutionized their operations, ensuring that messages got through every time, without fail.


Affordability, Reliability, and Exceptional Support

Relay not only offered unmatched functionality but also proved to be the most affordable and reliable option on the market for the Ambassador Hotel. The simplicity and portability of Relay’s devices made communication possible among employees, even those who did not consider themselves “tech-savvy.” The decision to choose Relay was solidified by the company’s exceptional customer support, which provided a low-pressure opportunity to test the devices in action before making the final choice.


Elevating Guest Experiences with Seamless Communication

Relay transformed the way Ambassador Hotel operated. By overcoming communication challenges, providing a simple yet effective solution, and offering exceptional support, Relay became an essential tool in ensuring the smooth functioning of the hotel. Thanks to Relay, the Ambassador Hotel could focus on what they did best – delivering outstanding guest experiences, unburdened by communication woes.


  • Boutique luxury hotel in the Midtown district
  • Maintained Four Diamond Rating from AAA since opening as well as many other accolades



The Ambassador Hotel needed a reliable communication solution that could penetrate historic brick walls, work in elevators, cover large distances, and offer a simple user interface. The objective was to enhance interdepartmental communication among staff, including Valet, Front Desk, Kitchen, and Rooftop Bar teams.


Relay’s implementation resulted in quick and efficient communication, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced guest experiences. The hotel staff could communicate effectively without being hindered by the limitations of traditional radios or complex cell phones, ensuring that the service they provided was top-notch.

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