Forsyth County Family YMCA

Better coverage and compact form factor is key to keeping up with kids all day at camp



Forsyth County YMCA integrated Relay to enhance communication among their staff members, including counselors, leadership, and aquatics team, both within the branch and at their offsite camp.

Enhancing Team Communication at Forsyth County YMCA with Relay

At the heart of Forsyth County YMCA lies a vibrant community hub, complete with an onsite gym, aquatic center, and a sprawling 22-acre offsite camp. Catering to the diverse needs of their members, the YMCA staff works tirelessly to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment. However, efficient communication was a challenge they faced until they embraced Relay, a revolutionary communication solution that transformed their operations.


The Challenge

Before integrating Relay into their daily operations, the YMCA staff relied on traditional two-way walkie-talkies. While these devices served the purpose to an extent, they were limited in coverage and sound quality. Moreover, they were bulky and inconvenient for the counselors, who needed to keep up with energetic kids at the camp. The need for a more efficient and portable communication solution was evident.


The Solution: Relay’s Seamless Integration

Enter Relay, a compact device that combines the best of walkie-talkies and cell phones. With unlimited range and crystal-clear sound quality, Relay became the ideal communication tool for the YMCA staff. The Director at the facility found it invaluable for staying connected with the camp staff, be it for daily updates, emergency situations, or important announcements.


How Relay Revolutionized Communication

Relay not only offered unlimited coverage but also simplified communication for the YMCA team. The push-to-talk feature allowed instant connectivity without the hassle of dialing numbers or typing texts. This meant the staff could concentrate on their top priority – the members – without any interruptions caused by communication barriers.


Beyond Basic Communication

Relay introduced a range of features that further enhanced their communication experience. The Relay Assistant allowed easy channel switching, ensuring the staff always connected with the right team. Additionally, the Home Channel feature automatically redirected Relays to default channels, preventing any missed messages from their primary teams.

We now have updates being communicated more frequently between teams and messages are being sent and received at a faster rate. Relay has given us access to anyone, anywhere across our branch.


– Darren Dannelly, Executive Director, Forsyth County YMCA:​


The Benefits: Streamlined Communication and Enhanced Productivity

Relay streamlined communication among the staff members. Messages flowed freely, updates were exchanged seamlessly, and emergency situations were handled promptly. The result? A more connected team, ensuring the safety and well-being of all YMCA members. The faster rate of message sending and receiving was a game-changer for the organization, enabling them to maintain a high standard of service.



In embracing Relay, Forsyth County YMCA found the perfect communication solution. The device’s portability, unlimited range, and additional features not only met but exceeded their expectations. With Relay, the YMCA staff can now communicate swiftly and efficiently from any corner of their branch, ensuring that their members receive the best possible experience.

  • YMCA branch with both onsite and offsite facilities
  • Part of the greater Atlanta YMCA network of branches using Relays



Streamline communication, increase efficiency, and ensure the safety and well-being of YMCA members by providing instant access to team members across the branch and camp.


By adopting Relay, Forsyth County YMCA achieved seamless communication, frequent updates, and rapid response times. The staff experienced improved operational efficiency, allowing them to focus on their core mission – providing exceptional service and care to their members.

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