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Safety and Connectivity United: French Lick's Relay Experience


French Lick Resort needed to transition from traditional radio devices to Relay due to communication issues. Relay provided a unified communication solution, allowing them to replace multiple devices. The features they found particularly useful included the panic alarm for emergencies, beacons for faster responses, and translation capabilities to overcome language barriers.

Transforming Communication and Safety at French Lick Resort

Nestled in the enchanting town of French Lick, the historic French Lick Resort unfolds its tapestry of rich history and diverse attractions. From the lively casino to the serene West Baden, this expansive 3000-acre property, including three golf courses, posed unique challenges for effective communication. Paco Medina, the security manager at French Lick and West Baden, embarked on a journey with Relay that would transform not only their communication methods but also redefine safety protocols.

Unifying Teams Across the Resort

In the days before Relay, French Lick Resort grappled with communication challenges using traditional radio devices. Paco recalls, “Before relay, we were using the large brick-style radio devices. What we found with them was we were having communication issues.” The vast property, with areas untouched by their radio tower signal, created communication gaps, especially during critical moments.

Reliable Communication with Relay

The transition to Relay marked a turning point for French Lick Resort. Paco shares, “After we switched to relay, things became much easier from our side of things.” Starting with 125 devices and swiftly doubling within the first year, Relay seamlessly connected all departments. The broadcast feature emerged as a lifeline during severe weather events and emergencies, ensuring swift communication throughout the resort.

“It really hampered our response to certain areas… we would run into people not being able to notify us of a medical emergency or an emergency when we were evacuating the building because they weren’t able to reach us with the communication devices.”

Worker Safety Enhanced

One feature that stood out for French Lick Resort was Relay’s panic alarm and beacon system. Paco underscores its significance, stating, “With the beacons and the panic alarm feature that relay has, it really sped up our response.” This feature instilled confidence in staff, especially housekeeping and associates who could trigger alarms in emergencies. The security team or front desk could then respond promptly, elevating overall worker safety.

Breaking Language Barriers

Welcoming over a million guests annually came with its own set of challenges, including language barriers. Paco highlights the transformative impact of Relay’s translate feature, saying, “Our teams are on staff 24 hours a day, but with the volume of people we have, there are language barriers that come with some of our guests.” The translate feature bridged communication gaps during EMT calls, fostering a more inclusive and responsive environment.

Streamlined Communication and Cost Savings

Paco applauds Relay for streamlining their communication system, expressing, “The impact that relay has had on our business is saving us a ton of money.” By bidding farewell to outdated devices, Relay brought efficiency and cost-effectiveness to French Lick Resort. The all-in-one device streamlined communication, fostering a sense of connectedness across the entire resort.

“The impact that relay has had on our business is saving us a ton of money. Right off the bat. Our radio system was broken.”

Exceptional Customer Service

French Lick Resort’s partnership with Relay unfolded as a remarkable journey. Paco commends Relay’s customer service, sharing, “Working with Relay has been fantastic. Their customer service has been one of the top vendors that we have onboarded since opening the resort.” Quick and efficient support ensured a seamless integration of Relay into the daily operations of the resort.


The Relay experience at French Lick Resort is a testament to the transformative power of unified communication and enhanced safety features. By bidding farewell to outdated radio systems, Relay not only bridged communication gaps but also provided a comprehensive solution to worker safety concerns. The resort now thrives on streamlined operations, significant cost savings, and a newfound peace of mind, all thanks to Relay’s innovative platform.

  • 3,000+ acres that includes two historic resort spa hotels, stables, a casino, and three golf courses
  • 38,000 sq ft of gaming space and 700+ hotel rooms



To unify and streamline communication across all departments and emergency services, enhancing the safety and experience of guests and staff.


French Lick Resort successfully integrated Relay devices, which led to efficient communication, swift emergency responses, reduced costs, and a heightened sense of security among employees and guests.

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