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Sea Life Charlotte-Concord needed a reliable communication solution for seamless coordination among team members in a challenging saltwater environment, enhancing guest experiences and ensuring staff safety.

The Power of Reliable Communication in an Oceanic Wonderland

In the bustling world of aquarium operations, seamless communication is vital to ensure smooth guest experiences, coordinated teamwork, and the safety of all involved. Sea Life Charlotte-Concord, home to over 20 captivating displays and a stunning tropical ocean tank, faced the constant challenges of an outdated two-way radio systems. However, their quest for a modern, durable, and efficient communication solution led them to Relay.

The Downfall of Outdated Two-Way Radios

Billy Bennetti, the guest experience team lead, reminisces about their previous communication setup, explaining, ”We had kind of like your standard radios. You tend to drop them a lot, and they may not be the most durable things, especially when you’re around saltwater every single day.“ This constant exposure to saltwater led to battery expansions, decreased longevity, and costly replacements. Jasmine Jackson, the admissions manager, adds, ”We ended up spending more on replacement radios because they were dying a lot faster.“ The unreliability of these radios affected productivity and hindered effective coordination among team members.

Enter Relay: The Modern Solution for Modern Teams

Relay proved to be the game-changer Sea Life Charlotte Concord had been searching for. With its durable and portable device, Relay+, team members could communicate effortlessly by pressing and talking. Gone were the days of missed messages and crackling static. Jasmine praises Relay, stating, ”We chose Relay because it was more durable than our previous radios, especially with the saltwater surrounding us. We wanted something that could sustain for a longer time.“ Relay’s resistance to water damage and durability were essential in an environment teeming with energetic children and salt-infused air.

Enhancing Durability and Functionality

Billy attests to Relay’s durability, recalling instances when he accidentally dropped his device during a shift. ”It sounds just the same as when I first got it,“ he exclaims. With most of Sea Life Charlotte Concord’s tanks containing saltwater, the presence of corrosive salt particles in the air posed a challenge for traditional radio systems. However, Relay’s water-resistant design and superior battery life proved resilient, eliminating the need for frequent replacements and saving costs.

Seamless Communication and Extended Range

Relay not only addressed the durability concerns but also offered an extended range that surpassed expectations. Billy shares his experience during an offsite event, stating, ”We were able to create a new channel so that they can have their own channel while at the offsite event. But we could also communicate with the outsiders if we needed to. And the range is just fantastic.“ This extended range empowered the team to stay connected even in expansive environments, ensuring efficient coordination and immediate response when needed.

Streamlined Management and Safety

Relay’s dashboard system emerged as a valuable tool for Sea Life Charlotte Concord’s operations. Jasmine highlights its convenience, stating, ”The dashboard system has actually been really convenient for us and also helps us keep track of each other, which helps keep people safe.“ The dashboard allows managers to monitor team locations, ensuring everyone is at their assigned posts and enabling accountability. Additionally, the ability to track radios across the North Carolina area prevents loss or misplacement, further streamlining operations.

More Productive and More Collaborative

Sea Life Charlotte Concord’s journey with Relay exemplifies the transformative power of modern communication technology. By replacing outdated two-way radios, Relay brought durability, enhanced range, and streamlined management to the forefront of their operations. Billy summarizes the impact, stating, ”Relay helps out a lot with our communication. Being able to have that fast communication is definitely key.“ With Relay, Sea Life Charlotte Concord witnessed improved productivity, seamless collaboration, and enhanced safety.

In today’s fast-paced world, where effective communication is the cornerstone of success, it is imperative to equip frontline teams with the right tools. Relay, trusted by Fortune 500 brands and deployed across thousands of North American locations, stands as the modern solution for modern teams. Sea Life Charlotte Concord’s success story serves as a testament to Relay’s ability to revolutionize communication, boost productivity, and ensure the smooth functioning of businesses across various industries.

  • 5,000+ marine creatures showcased in 20 displays
  • 30,000 sq.ft. of indoor space



Improve communication efficiency, reduce equipment replacement costs, extend communication range, enhance safety protocols, and streamline management in a saltwater-laden aquarium setting.


Relay offered durability, extended range, and streamlined management capabilities. It eliminated the challenges posed by outdated two-way radios, reducing costs and enhancing productivity. The dashboard system facilitated real-time tracking, ensuring safety and accountability.

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