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Improving customer service and employee engagement through better communication



Pinehurst Resort required a robust communication solution to ensure seamless connectivity among their teams spread across three hotels, enhancing guest experiences and improving employee engagement.

Relay is the right solution for Pinehurst Resort

Two drivers exchange a smile and a nod as their shuttles filled with guests roll past each other. Inside the hotels, teams of housekeeping staff are already buzzing through the hallways with carts filled with crisp sheets and fluffy towels. At the front desk, friendly hosts are spreading that unique southern hospitality Pinehurst Resort is renowned for. Team members are in sync and connected – thanks to Relay.

“It really does change the game when it comes to employee engagement and obviously guest service and guest impact being positive at the end of the day,” said Matt Chriscoe, the Director of Hotel Operations at Pinehurst Resort.

It’s hard to say that a small communication device has a large impact on your property, but I will say with Relay, it really has

With more than 400 guest rooms in three hotels as part of the resort, Pinehurst has found that nothing else compares to Relay when it comes to making sure their employees stay connected and focused on providing guests with an experience they’ll remember.

“It’s hard to say that a small communication device has a large impact on your property, but I will say with Relay, it really has,” says Chriscoe.


While investigating their options, Pinehurst discovered Relay’s powerful device that has the ability to connect nationwide using the 4G LTE cellular network as well as WiFi.

Now, losing connection is no longer an issue, no matter if an employee is inside a hotel, at the clubhouse, or picking up a VIP at the airport.

“The range was a big proponent for us in how we could travel hundreds of miles with this device and still have the same communication as if you were 100 feet away,” says Chriscoe.

As Pinehurst integrated Relay throughout their campus, team leaders quickly began to see the many other benefits of having their workers connected through Relay.


Each device is equipped with GPS tracking. When using the Relay Dashboard or App, any employee is easily located and you can directly communicate with them using your phone, laptop or another Relay device with just the touch of a button.
“When you think of industry, any industry, one of the top struggles that a lot of people have is communication, and that can be in various forms,” adds Chriscoe. But for us it was obviously verbal communication, passing along information.”
“So with the functionality of the device, it has allowed us to, I think, have better work and employee relations throughout the company.”
When Pinehurst decided to ditch their old two-way radios and upgrade their technology, Chriscoe says the team at Relay helped to make the transition nearly seamless.
“We had great customer support from the Relay team,” says Chriscoe. “Whether it’s the clips, or the earpieces, or the devices themselves, or the dashboard — how to add users, how to eliminate users, how to add teams.”
“All of those things were new to us in that world, but we were able to have a nice blend of communication back and forth with the customer service team, the sales team with Relay, and then our teams getting real-world feedback.”
While Relay has been the right solution for Pinehurst in improving communications and guest experience, it’s also been a boost for their bottom line compared to their previous radio system.
“The cost to repair, the cost to purchase new (equipment) continued to increase. The devices (Relay) are not as expensive as the other two way communication system…and overall that allows us to do more with our revenues and expense line controls,” said Chriscoe.
“It has been a wonderful solution for us. We’re very, very pleased with the product.”
  • Three hotels, 400+ guest rooms, spa, extensive sports and leisure facilities
  • 2,000+ acres
  • 55,000 sq.ft. of indoor space



Improve employee engagement, streamline operations, enhance guest experiences, and reduce communication challenges across the expansive resort.


Pinehurst experienced improved work relations, streamlined operations, and enhanced guest satisfaction. The cost-effectiveness of Relay compared to their previous system allowed them to optimize expenses, significantly boosting their bottom line. Pinehurst Resort achieved seamless communication and exceptional guest experiences.

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