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Elevating Tradition Through Innovation: The Relay Advantage



Long Beach Country Club needed a communication solution that could efficiently connect staff across diverse spaces, including busy outdoor dining areas, to enhance service flow and member satisfaction.

How Relay Transformed Long Beach Country Club's Communication and Efficiency

Nestled in the serene embrace of Long Beach, Indiana, Long Beach Country Club has long been an emblem of tradition and excellence. For Monica Bernat-Hall, the Assistant General Manager with seven years of dedication, and Annette Corbett, a seasoned 12-year General Manager, the club’s rich history was accompanied by operational challenges that called for a modern solution.

Relay has been a game-changer – our service flow during peak hours is now efficient, minimizing errors and enhancing member satisfaction.

The challenge was clear: the existing communication setup fell short, hindering the club’s operations. ”Our prior equipment setup, including headsets, failed to meet the demands of our diverse spaces, especially our bustling outdoor dining areas,“ Monica explains. Enter Relay, a transformative communication solution that would redefine the way Long Beach Country Club operated. The transition was seamless, and its impact was undeniable. ”Relay has been a game-changer,“ Monica affirms. ”Our service flow during peak hours is now efficient, minimizing errors and enhancing member satisfaction.“

Annette concurs, noting that Relay’s impact transcended mere efficiency. ”We’ve seen a remarkable reduction in equipment replacement costs and shipping expenses, which directly contributes to our bottom line.“

With Relay in their corner, Long Beach Country Club’s management team found newfound empowerment in bridging the gap between the front and back of the house. ”Communication between staff members has improved significantly. The management team acts as a conduit, ensuring information flows seamlessly, elevating the overall dining experience,“ Monica explains.

Peering into the future, Monica and Annette envision Relay as a catalyst for even more profound changes. ”Relay’s indoor/outdoor real-time location is particularly promising. It has the potential to amplify efficiency and safety measures, making our operations even more dynamic,“ Annette observes.

To businesses still reliant on traditional communication methods, Monica offers a resounding message: ”The limitations of two-way radios no longer align with the demands of a modern establishment. Relay’s hands-free system empowers our team to excel without constraints.“

Annette echoes the sentiment: ”Our advice is simple—embrace change, explore Relay, and witness the transformation it brings.“

The narrative of Long Beach Country Club’s Relay journey is one of dynamic evolution and progress. With Relay as a steadfast partner, Monica, Annette, and their dedicated team are crafting a new era of operational excellence that seamlessly merges time-honored tradition with cutting-edge innovation. As the sun gracefully sets, Relay continues to illuminate a path toward an even more efficient and prosperous future for Long Beach Country Club.

  • 100 year-old Country Club near Lake Michigan’s shoreline
  • Offering a range of amenities like golf, tennis, swimming, dining



Improve operational efficiency, reduce equipment replacement costs, bridge communication gaps between staff members, and enhance the overall dining experience for club members.


The club experienced a significant reduction in equipment replacement costs and shipping expenses, positively impacting their bottom line. Relay’s unified communication bridged the gap between the front and back of the house, enhancing overall dining experiences. 

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