Connected Care for Enhanced Healthcare Safety

Enhance Productivity, Efficiency, and Accountability

Rapid Healthcare Communication

Relay’s cellular and WiFi-based communication system ensures fast and reliable communication – whether it’s down the hall, in another building, or across the country. 

Locate Your Team - Indoors and Out

See each other’s locations in real-time, and make informed decisions about task assignments and response times based on that information.

Rapid Response in Critical situations

Team-wide alerts provide the room-level location and allow for immediate two-way communication.

Easy access to help and assistance empowers staff with peace of mind, fostering a safe work environment.

Healthcare Facilities We Serve


Real-time communication and location tracking help hospitals improve their workflows.

Behavioral Health

Messaging and panic response help manage patient care and safety.

Long-Term Care

Communication and location tracking help provide top notch care for residents.


Smaller staff and fewer resources require effective communication to provide quality patient care.

Our old ad-hoc radio system was fragmented and lacked centralized control. Relay’s coverage enables communication beyond the confines of the Wi-Fi and radio signal perimeters.

Behavioral Healthcare Professional

Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

Why Healthcare Teams Choose Relay

Easy To Use

Unlike pager systems and messaging apps, Relay is easy to use and intuitive. Staff can quickly learn how to use it and spend more time focusing on patients.

Communicate and Locate

Unlike traditional communication systems, Relay provides advanced location tracking, allowing staff to easily locate and communicate with each other.

Integrated Emergency System

Team members can initiate emergency alerts from their Relay+ that reports precise, room-level location to the designated panic responders.

Digital Features

Relay offers a range of digital features such as language translation, real-time performance data, panic response, and streamlined workflows.

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