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5 Ways Educators Can Benefit From Relay Devices

Written by Rebecca Adkinson, a longtime educator who understands the importance of communication

In our modern society, teaching and educating is more challenging than ever. Buildings and campuses sprawl out over vast square footage, separating staff and students. Using communication devices like Relay can help educators get in touch with each other quickly.​

Here are five of the best ways educators can benefit from Relay devices.

1. Special Event Coordination:

Schools host and coordinate events, and it can be difficult for staff to contact each other. When you’re holding a dance, for example, there may be multiple chaperones at the front entrance, numerous others within the dance area monitoring students, and others in various areas of the premises.

Relay devices are useful for an activity like this because teachers, administrators, and other adults in charge can maintain constant contact and promptly alert each other in case of problems.

You never know what may happen at a school dance. Educators must be on the lookout for dangerous activity, unauthorized visitors, illegal substance use, and more. It’s essential to reach one another fast to keep students safe.

Sporting events are another example of when communication among authorities helps keep students safe. Tensions run high at a school basketball game, so admissions people, concessions staff, and others need to be in touch with administrators. You may even need to watch out for fights among students, parents, or coaches.

Rather than pulling out your cell phone and trying to choose the correct person to call or text, you can use your Relay device to contact an entire group or quickly contact the primary person in charge.

These events can also be tricky because personnel can be significantly spread across multiple buildings or even outdoors. Relay has a wide range of services, and you don’t have to worry about going “out of range.”


2. Reporting Major Discipline Problems:

Unfortunately, in all types of schools, you will encounter disciplinary issues and safety issues. Students don’t always follow the rules. As an educator, your safety depends on your ability to respond to potentially risky situations quickly. While security measures have increased dramatically in schools since the 1999 Columbine shooting, they’re not perfect.

If a student picks a fight with another student in your classroom, you need to call for backup. Yes, it’s nice if you can trust the teacher next door and simply yell for that person’s help, but it’s best if you can reach someone with authority immediately.

It can be awkward to use the phone in your classroom to call an office for help with disciplinary problems or an intruder in the building. After all, if a situation is heated, announcing it to the whole class may not be the best solution. Using a Relay device gives teachers and other school faculty and staff an easy way to get in touch with a principal, dean, or school police officer right away.

“Team communication and group channels enable educators to connect to the right people at the right time. Instead of disrupting an entire building of students and staff by going on a loudspeaker, leaders can relay messages instantaneously across secure channels.”

3. Handling Medical Emergencies:

Sometimes the unexpected comes in the form of medical emergencies in the classroom, hallway, cafeteria, or gym. All schools contain many opportunities for kids to get sick or injured. Educators must be prepared for those situations.

A trustworthy communication device gives peace of mind that you can radio for help as quickly as possible. Relay devices can call 911 for severe circumstances.

Teachers and other school staff are trained in basic emergency care such as CPR and injections for allergic reactions. However, in a true medical emergency, educators need to reach the school nurse immediately.

Relay devices are lightweight and easy to carry on your person, so you’re unlikely to ever be without it. Use yours to quickly reach medical assistance for a child with a seizure, severe allergic reaction, or any other sudden emergency. Time is one of the critical factors in ensuring a medical episode doesn’t turn tragic for students and their families.


4. In Case of Power Outages:

Not every teacher, educational secretary, or staff person has a cell phone at all times. When the power goes out in your school, Relay provides an additional layer of security. You know that even if your computers are down and your phones are off, you’ll still be able to contact each other. Plus, Relay devices are GPS-equipped, so you won’t have to worry about losing them.

Another great thing about Relay devices is their Wi-Fi connectivity. If you’re reliant on cell phones for staff communication, you’ll run into issues with dead zones both inside and outside of buildings. If the power goes out and you’re in a part of the school where your cell phone is useless, you’re in trouble, but a Relay device can keep you connected.


5. For Staff Communication Among Various Groups:

If you’ve worked in education for more than a day, you know every educator is a part of many different groups and teams across the school system. A teacher may also be a mentor, club supervisor, coach, and serve on teams for curriculum design, student assessment, and more. Relay makes it easy to connect each of your various teams across unique channels.

If you’re a team leader for your department, you can easily set up your group or channel online. There are flexible communication options to send messages directly to a specific team member or the entire group at once. It all depends on what you need.

Team communication and group channels enable educators to connect to the right people at the right time. Instead of disrupting an entire building of students and staff by going on a loudspeaker, leaders can relay messages instantaneously across secure channels.


Educators Can Stay Connected with Relay

As an educator, you know it’s essential to be available to others within your building and even your district. Relay helps make that possible — and easy. Try our flexible and top-of-the-line communications devices to bring your teams greater peace of mind today.

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