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How upgraded technology can help you prepare for 2022

The pressure to constantly upgrade one’s technology can be a frustrating and pricey prospect. Most people can hang onto slightly outdated tech without seeming like Luddites, the same can’t be said of those in the hospitality industry. If you operate a hotel or event space, you can no longer rely on the previous iteration of technology to be good enough. Over the past two years guests have become increasingly dependent on their technology and expect the same of you.

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In a report by McKinsey on the “next normal,” they observed many executives sped up 20-25% faster than anticipated on things like building supply-chain redundancies, “improving data security, and increasing the use of advanced technologies in operations.” So while it’s fine for you to wait to upgrade your personal iPhone, it’s probably not a great idea to put off investing in cutting edge  associate alert devices. 

At Relay, we’re proud that our devices connect distanced workers and empower them through the use of a panic button and a completely connected cellular network. Contact us to find out how to empower your staff and clientele through connectivity with a device that alerts anyone to potential danger.

Your team may be smaller, your tech should be better

One of the lingering effects of the pandemic are leaner operating staffs. And while your hotel might not literally have someone with the title of “Chief cook and bottle washer,” many staffers will be doubling up on their responsibilities. Some employees even work in multiple locations of your properties. So how can they keep up with their responsibilities, and fellow staffers? Technology, of course.

Your investing in better, smarter technology solutions effectively means your staff will be doing more with less. And it may be comforting to know that you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune for the best possible technology. It would be immodest of us not to remind you that Relay creates highly customizable panic buttons systems that are both affordable and easy to use and implement. 

Better tech increases efficiency- but only if staffers are trained to use it

It may seem counterintuitive to repeatedly take staffers away from their posts to train them to use the latest technology. It isn’t. To fully harness the power of the latest industry technology, it’s crucial that your staff fully understands what issues the tech addresses, how to use it and most importantly – how to become comfortable making it part of their every day. If your staff struggles with using new tech, your efficiency levels potentially drop. Most technology is created with the assumption that it frees you from doing certain tasks or makes others more convenient. Fully training your staff as often as needed means that your bottom line improves and your tech investment proves invaluable.  

Whet their appetites

Travel predictions for 2022 almost all share travel surges, especially in long-term stays, business travel and corporate housing. With COVID concerns still in play, some potential guests will still be skittish about travel and hotel stays. Creating a virtual tour that’s accessible from their favorite screen means they can review your property before their trip and acclimate themselves with the parts they most want to visit or skip. You can also create incentives for travelers taking advantage of your virtual reality tour or 3-D imaging. For instance, you could hide upgraded amenities throughout the tour and then gift them to travelers upon check-in. 

Another great option is to reassure guests their safety concerns are being addressed. Create a small and easy to use database accessible to guests that covers everything from your safety and cleaning protocols, to the way staffers and guests are protected with the use of an integrated panic button system.

Make them feel at home

The hospitality industry is built on making guests feel like VIPs. Beyond that, your hotel acts as their home away from home. Consider small upgrades your guests are already using. For instance in creating a hyper-personalized experience for guests you may find out that some love having their Echo devices handy. By giving guests the opportunity to interact with Alexa from the comfort of their hotel room, you’re using technology in a way that enhances their experience. You’re also saving staffers from having to answer basic questions about weather or driving conditions.

“Bottom line, hospitality related technology is geared to improve the guest experience while maximizing staff abilities.”

Help staffers help guests

Bottom line, hospitality related technology is geared to improve the guest experience while maximizing staff abilities. In many ways, it also creates a more human experience, since all guest preferences can be filed and saved for future visits.  

Create hybrid meetings and experiences

Now is the time to improve everything from your WIFI (always have backup service) to having copious chargers and screens available for business and conference travelers. While we’re not quite there yet in terms of cull capacity for larger gatherings, it’s just a matter of time. Creating an upgraded experience for business travelers now also sends a clear message – you’re improving your tech in anticipation of welcoming guests back to an even better environment and space.

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