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Introducing Relay It Forward Scholarship Winner, Luzmary Gomez

In May 2021 we proudly announced Relay It Forward, a national partnership with the American Hotel & Lodging (AHLA) Foundation. At a time when every element of the hospitality industry was impacted due to COVID-19, we wanted to find even more ways to give back. 

As part of Relay It Forward, in addition to rewarding every purchase of Relay push-to-talk devices by a hotel, we created a scholarship program. In the past few months we’ve begun to sponsor several hotel employee’s training and development provided by the Foundation’s Empowering Youth Program, which recruits Opportunity Youth to entry-level hotel positions. Among other things, the training provides the next generation of hotel employees with valuable job skills. But the scholarship isn’t limited to younger applicants. There are also opportunities for more seasoned hotel staffers interested in spending time updating and improving existing skills. 

At Relay, we’re proud that our devices connect distanced workers and empower them through the use of a panic button and a completely connected cellular network. Contact us to find out how to empower your staff and clientele through connectivity with a device that alerts anyone to potential danger.

Meet Luzmary Gomez

One of the first recipients of a Relay It Forward scholarship is Luzmary Gomez who is studying pastry management and baking at Valencia College. Luzmary is studying food techniques and learning about food and contemporary cakes. She’s also learning the basics including math and science needed behind the scenes in a food service career. 

Learn more about Luzmary Gomez and her sweet journey through pastry management. 

What drew you to hospitality and what do you enjoy about it?

I love serving other people. It can make others smile with my preparation of food and foodservice and that’s awesome for me and makes me happy. 

During the past few months, I have been cooking and creating my own business from home. I express myself through my desserts. It’s also the beginning of my new business, Luz’s Cakes. My specialties are sweet cookies, cakes, bread, and traditional Venezuelan foods. 

Why did you go back to school and how do you hope to use that experience? 

I love extending my knowledge and skills. I could learn more about baking and pastry management, that’s a new thing for me. I want to learn more things about my passion, pastries, and everything about sweet cookies and this is a great opportunity to learn more about this.

How does getting your degree help you move up in your career, where do you see the degree assisting you and furthering your hospitality career? 

It’s going to help me to obtain a better position and a better job. And I would like to come back to hospitality in the future, but first I would like to finish my degree.  

How has this scholarship helped you? 

This scholarship was a blessing for me because I started studying what I love. I stay focused to get good grades and get my degree. That’s really amazing and I’m very grateful. 

Do you think you would have been able to continue attending college full time without this scholarship?

It’s really difficult for me because the universities are very expensive. This scholarship made it possible for me to continue studying. I am from Venezuela. This is a chance for me to achieve my dreams. 

Do you have an idea of where you might be in five years from now?

In five years my vision is to be a professional pastry chef. I would like to continue to work in the hospitality industry and if I can, I hope to have my own pastry shop. I’ve always dreamed of working at Disney someday! It’s magic.

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