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Luxury Hospitality Requires More Staff Communication

Opulent rooms and world-class amenities will never be enough to create the best luxury experience. It’s the subtle intricacies of communication among staff that truly set apart an ultra-luxury hotel from its less prestigious counterparts. There are many in the industry that have instinctively known this, but now there is data that clearly shows the impact of communication.

In an analysis of Relay customers in the hospitality sector, we found a striking pattern: staff at luxury establishments communicated >50% more on average daily than the average across hospitality. This heightened level of communication is a crucial component of their success.

Why More Communication is Essential

Speed and Efficiency

In the realm of luxury, speed is synonymous with efficiency. Guests expect swift responses and immediate solutions. Effective communication ensures that staff can coordinate seamlessly, allowing for rapid service delivery without compromising on quality. A well-coordinated team can preemptively address guest needs, ensuring that no request is left unattended.

Surprising and Delighting Guests

One of the hallmarks of a luxury experience is the ability to surprise and delight guests. Whether it’s a personalized welcome gift or a tailor-made excursion, these moments require meticulous planning and flawless execution, both of which are rooted in robust communication. Sharing guest preferences, special occasions, and past interactions among staff members allows for a synchronized effort in creating these exceptional moments.

Personalization Through Guest Insights

Understanding your guests’ preferences and anticipating their needs is the cornerstone of luxury service. Effective communication channels enable staff to gather and share valuable insights about each guest. This collective knowledge empowers the team to customize services and amenities, creating a personalized experience that feels both unique and intimate.

Knowledge Transfer Among Staff

In a luxury setting, the continuity of service is paramount. This means ensuring that all staff members are equipped with up-to-date information about each guest, regardless of shift changes or departmental boundaries. Consistent and thorough communication ensures that every interaction a guest has with the hotel staff is informed and cohesive, contributing to a seamless experience.

Want to learn more?

I recently sat down with two luxury hotel General Managers to talk through the opportunities and challenges in communicating for world class luxury experience. Register to receive a recording here.

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