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A TV with Office Hours, Episode 6

Office Hours with Tracie Szybnski, Owner of Elkins Resort On Priest Lake

Office Hours is your chance to learn more about Relay from the people who know it best. We chat with not just Relay customers, but also the Relay team members who helped build the product from the ground up.

Our sixth episode takes us to beautiful Nordman, Idaho, where we sit down with Tracie Szybnski, owner of Elkins Resort On Priest Lake. Tracie exchanged a typical 40-hr work week and navigating traffic, for a full-time life at Priest Lake when she took over ownership of the resort from her family. 40 years of resort life, 30 years of marriage and 16 years with children has taught her to handle just about anything, with each month’s goal to balance work, family and sporting activities.

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