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The Two-Way Radio Shortage and What To Do

If your business relies on two-way radios, you’re not alone. Two-way radios are a vital piece of equipment for many industries including construction, manufacturing, hospitality, and more. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, there is currently a global shortage of two-way radios. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the factors causing the shortage and what your business can do to combat this issue.

What’s causing the two-way radio shortage?

There are a few factors contributing to the current shortage of two-way radios. First, factories that produce two-way radios have been forced to close or operate at reduced capacity due to lockdowns and supply chain disruptions from the pandemic. Second, the production of semiconductor chips used in radios, cars, computers, and more, was cut in the beginning of the pandemic despite demand for these products being high. As a result, the production of two-way radios has not been unable to keep up with demand, leading to the current shortage.

What two-way radios are limited in stock or have longer than normal delivery times? 

Low stock coupled with longer than normal delivery times are causing businesses to suffer from the lack of necessary resources to keep up with communication demands. Limited stock and longer than normal delivery times are crippling distributors and resellers, some of which are not expected to deliver before at least 12 weeks. Here are some models that are currently impacted: 

  • Motorola XPR 7550e 
  • Motorola XPR 3500e
  • Motorola Mototrbo R7
  • Motorola TLK100 
  • Motorola SL300 
  • Kenwood NX-P1200ISNVK

What should you do if you need new radios?

The current two-way radio shortage is having a huge impact on all types of businesses. If you rely on two-way radios for daily operations, now is the time to consider alternatives, and that’s how we can help. 

Relay is the device that’s killing the walkie talkie and it’s in stock and ready to ship today. With 4G LTE and WiFi connections, Relay allows you to talk to anyone, virtually anywhere. Additionally, GPS tracking, a panic button feature and our cloud-based data platform, allow teams to find and fix problems in real time, boosting efficiency and productivity.

Don’t suffer through long shipping delays and supply shortages. Relay will not only ship much faster, but our communication device will probably save you time and money. And, to make the transition even easier, you can save money by selling your used radios to a variety of reseller sites. Learn more about how Relay is killing the walkie-talkie or feel free to contact sales if you want to learn more about how Relay can help your business. 

Editor’s Note: Information presented in this article is considered accurate as of date of publish. While we try our best to update this article based on stock availability, we always recommend checking on the latest stock of two-way radio models for the most accurate information.

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