Relay Is Ensuring Safe, Smooth Camp Memories



Chestnut Ridge Summer Camps aimed to improve communication and safety across their vast property. Their objective was to streamline daily activities, optimize emergency responses, and reduce operational challenges during pickups.

Embarking on a Journey with Relay: A Camp Director’s Tale

In the heart of nature’s embrace lies Chestnut Ridge Summer Camps, a sanctuary where young hearts flourish, imaginations run wild, and friendships are forged. Every summer, this sprawling 365-acre haven becomes a canvas for exploration and learning. At the helm of this extraordinary adventure is Adam Ledbetter-Bock, the dedicated Camp Director, whose passion for creating unforgettable experiences for campers led him to discover a game-changing solution: Relay.


Coordinating activities across such a vast expanse posed challenges for Adam and his team. Enter Relay, a communication lifeline that transformed the way Chestnut Ridge operated. No more cumbersome walkie-talkies, no more time wasted in miscommunication. Relay seamlessly connected staff members and campers, ensuring that every adventure, every moment, was perfectly orchestrated.


Nature’s unpredictability is a challenge every camp must face. With Relay, Chestnut Ridge found a steadfast companion in ensuring the safety of its young charges. When thunder roared and lightning cracked the sky, Relay’s real-time updates enabled swift, organized relocation to shelters. Parents rested easy, knowing their children were in capable hands, thanks to Relay’s prompt and reliable communication.


End-of-day pickups used to be chaotic affairs, a time-consuming process that tested everyone’s patience. Relay changed the game. What once took ages was now a matter of minutes. With Relay’s streamlined efficiency, parents found their children in their care swiftly and seamlessly. Device replacements became a rarity, saving resources and contributing to a greener camp environment.


Relay’s impact wasn’t limited to the field; it revolutionized administrative tasks too. The dashboard became a control center, helping administrators locate missing devices and communicate directly with staff. Adam marveled at how Relay kept everyone accountable, ensuring smooth operations and a tightly-knit camp community.


Adam’s enthusiasm for Relay is contagious. He urges fellow camp directors and adventure enthusiasts to explore the transformative power of Relay. “It has empowered us beyond measure,” he says with a smile. “Relay isn’t just a communication tool; it’s a partner in creating unforgettable memories for our campers.”

  • 365 Acres of Expansive natural setting
  • Forests, meadows, and water bodies for varied outdoor activities including rock climbing, archery, and hiking trails



Enhance communication, replacing walkie-talkies, and ensuring swift responses during emergencies. They also aimed to streamline pickups and reduce device replacements for a greener camp environment.


Relay replaced walkie-talkies, enabling seamless communication. Real-time updates during storms ensured camper safety, and streamlined pickups reduced operational time. Fewer device replacements conserved resources, creating an eco-friendly camp. Relay empowered administrators, fostering a tightly-knit camp community and enhancing overall camp experiences.

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