Empowering Campus Safety with Cutting-Edge Technology


Enhance campus safety for its 1100 students during emergencies and off-campus activities. 

Empowering Campus Safety at CCAD

In the heart of Columbus College of Art and Design, where creativity and innovation collide, ensuring the safety and security of the 1100-strong student body is paramount. Meet Matt Taylor, the Technology Coordinator at the college, who has been instrumental in revolutionizing campus safety through groundbreaking technology.

“For 11 years, I’ve been dedicated to finding innovative ways to bolster our security measures,” says Matt, who has been instrumental in the college’s technological evolution. As the Technology Coordinator, his mission is to explore cutting-edge advancements that fortify their security department. A significant challenge they faced was the reliability of their communication devices, especially during emergencies and off-campus medical transports.

Matt and his team discovered Relay, a revolutionary communication solution that seamlessly integrates with the college’s security protocols. “Relay provided us with a lightweight, efficient, and dependable alternative to our previous radios,” states Matt. One of the standout features for him was Relay’s ability to function through cell phone towers and Wi-Fi, ensuring uninterrupted communication even when venturing off-campus.

An essential feature for Matt was Relay’s user-friendly interface, ideal for their large security team. “Relay made it incredibly easy for us to contact team members, especially during emergencies,” he emphasizes. The real-time location tracking feature proved invaluable, particularly during medical transports. “Being able to monitor our team’s location ensured they arrived at their destination safely, while also maintaining the privacy of our conversations,” he explains.

Confidentiality was a paramount concern for the security team, which Relay efficiently addressed. “Relay’s incorporation of earpieces and Bluetooth technology ensured our sensitive discussions remained private,” Matt reveals. The implementation of these features made their transition to Relay seamless and secure.


Relay’s team provided exceptional support, making the process hassle-free and ensuring our security measures were up and running swiftly


Transitioning to Relay was not merely a technological upgrade; it was a collaborative effort. “Relay’s team provided exceptional support, making the process hassle-free and ensuring our security measures were up and running swiftly,” Matt commends.

In the dynamic landscape of campus safety, Columbus College of Art and Design stands as a beacon of innovation. With Relay, they haven’t just adopted a new technology; they’ve embraced a new standard of safety and communication. In Matt’s own words, “If you’re looking for a new radio solution, I would say go for Relay.” With Relay, the college continues its journey, fostering an environment where creativity can flourish, secure in the knowledge that safety is never compromised.

  • Spanning four blocks in Columbus, Ohio
  • 1100+ students
  • Features green spaces and outdoor areas, providing students with tranquil environments for relaxation and artistic inspiration



CCAD sought to improve campus safety through innovative technology and to implement a user-friendly, secure communication system to address communication challenges and streamline security operations.


The adoption of Relay transformed CCAD’s safety measures, offering efficient, secure communication. Relay’s features improved emergency responses and off-campus activities. The transition was smooth, and CCAD established a new standard of safety and communication, fostering a secure and innovative campus environment.

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