Six Flags Great Adventure Revolutionizes Guest Experience with Relay Devices



Six Flags Great Adventure faced challenges in communication among its extensive workforce spread across a 475-acre park. Traditional walkie-talkies were plagued by limitations like clogged channels and restricted range, hampering the team’s ability to provide top-notch guest experiences.

Relay allows park guests to get service faster and more accurately than ever before

For the In Park Services (IPS) team at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey, success is measured in footsteps and minutes as employees hustle to support the retail, food and games operations throughout the 475-acre park property. In the fall of 2019, 40 new Relay devices were distributed among the IPS workforce, offering a whole new way to connect active workers with their supervisors and fellow employees.


“It allows us to get the service that our guests need to them faster and more accurately.”

“With guest service and safety being our top priorities here at the park, having open communication for our team to our supervisors is definitely key,” says IPS manager Chris Allen. “It allows us to get the service that our guests need to them faster and more accurately.” Allen says the shortcomings of walkie-talkies, including clogged channels and range limitations, had limited employees’ ability to provide guests with the best possible amusement park experience.

For the dozens of food and beverage vendors scattered throughout the park, the need to quickly fulfill supply requests was once a daily challenge. With Relay, food service items—as well as game prizes, and small bills and coins for making change—can now be ordered and delivered much more efficiently.

John Heitzenroeder, IPS director, says he appreciates these gains in operational efficiencies, as remote locations once considered dead zones are now connected as a result of Relay’s nationwide coverage. “Spots where we were landlocked and we didn’t necessarily have communication devices, Relay has worked very well in that capacity,” he says.

While Relay outperformed expectations for its range and reliability, one of the biggest benefits can be found in the bottom line. At a mere fraction of the purchase price of regular walkie-talkies, Relay has emerged as a groundbreaking choice for simplifying communication and increasing revenue at points-of-purchase throughout the park.

  • 3.5MM+ annual attendees
  • 475 Acres
  • Second largest theme park in the world



The park aimed to enhance communication, ensure swift and accurate responses to guest needs, and optimize operational efficiency for its retail, food, and games operations.


By adopting Relay devices, the park achieved seamless communication, real-time connectivity even in remote areas, and a significant increase in operational efficiency. Relay not only facilitated swift and accurate guest service but also contributed to increased revenue at various points-of-purchase, all at a fraction of the cost of regular walkie-talkies.

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