From Radios to Relay: A Communication Evolution


One Penn Center, a massive commercial office building in Philadelphia, needed a communication solution to overcome challenges posed by its vast size and outdated communication methods.

Revolutionizing Communication at One Penn Center

Nestled within the bustling cityscape of Philadelphia, One Penn Center, a sprawling 700,000-square-foot commercial office building, has witnessed decades of progress and change. In a bid to conquer the challenges posed by its massive expanse and enhance operational efficiency, One Penn Center embraced modern communication technology. Mathew Thompson, Chief of Operations at One Penn Management, shares an insightful journey of transformation fueled by the integration of Relay, a cutting-edge communication platform.


The Challenge of Connectivity

In a building as expansive as One Penn Center, maintaining seamless communication was an ongoing challenge. Mathew candidly admits, ”Connectivity could be difficult with a building of this size.“ Outdated communication methods, particularly traditional two-way radios, often resulted in messages going astray and hindered effective collaboration.

The Struggle with Traditional Radios

Mathew recalls the pain points they faced with traditional radios: ”Messages not going through, poor communication.“ The limitations were evident—crackling audio, dead spots, and the confusion of choosing the right channel to reach the intended recipient. Such hurdles not only slowed down operations but also led to frustration among team members.


Relay: A Game-Changer

Enter Relay—a revolutionary communication solution designed to bridge the gap between outdated communication methods and modern operational demands. Mathew emphasizes, ”The communications are a lot more clear, less confusing as to who you call.“ Relay’s crystal-clear audio quality and intuitive interface addressed the core issues that plagued their communication efforts.


Efficiency Redefined

The impact of Relay reverberated across One Penn Center’s operations. Mathew explains, ”I can be ten blocks away from a meeting and I can still interact with my relay device.“ This newfound flexibility eliminated the constraints of physical distance, allowing seamless communication from various locations, whether it’s the office, the lobby, or even Mathew’s home.


Unlocking Cost-Efficiency

Beyond its communication prowess, Relay held the promise of long-term cost savings. Mathew anticipates reduced expenses, noting, ”You’re changing bodies, the antenna gets broken, the clip gets broken.“ The durability and reliability of Relay’s design negate the frequent replacements and maintenance costs that traditional radios demanded.


Embracing the Future with Relay

Mathew’s advice for those clinging to traditional radios is straightforward: ”It’s time you move on.“ The advancements brought by Relay are a testament to its superiority over outdated technology. Relay’s adaptability, clarity, and remote communication capabilities have positioned it as a formidable tool in the modern business landscape.


A Glimpse into What Lies Ahead

As One Penn Center’s partnership with Relay continues to evolve, the possibilities for enhanced communication and operational efficiency are endless. Mathew acknowledges that they’ve just scratched the surface of Relay’s potential: ”There’s a lot of things I don’t actually use.“ The translation features and comprehensive tracking options offered by Relay hint at a future filled with even greater possibilities.

The story of One Penn Center’s transformation resonates with businesses grappling with the challenges of large-scale operations and outdated communication methods. Relay’s introduction marked a turning point, redefining communication clarity, operational efficiency, and potential cost savings. As One Penn Center propels forward, driven by the power of Relay, it stands as a beacon of innovation, urging others to shed the limitations of the past and embrace the future of efficient communication.

  • 650,000 sq. ft. office building spanning 20 floors
  • Originally built in 1930



Improve communication clarity, enhance operational efficiency, eliminate the constraints of physical distance, reduce equipment replacement costs, and embrace a future-ready communication solution.


Relay transformed One Penn Center’s communication dynamics, bringing clarity and efficiency to their operations. It eliminated the challenges posed by traditional radios, enabling seamless communication from various locations. The adoption of Relay led to reduced expenses, eliminating the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.

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