Transforming Operations at Twin Oaks Golf Course with Relay


Enhance communication efficiency and coverage across Twin Oaks Golf Course using Relay devices.

Relay is powering course operations with a range that old school walkie talkies would die for

In the picturesque landscape of Twin Oaks Golf Course, effective communication is the driving force behind seamless operations. Troy Ferguson, the General Manager, shared how Relay revolutionized their communication strategies, enhancing productivity and problem-solving across the entire property.


Reliable Communication Redefined

“We are using Relay to help run our operations at Twin Oaks Golf Course,” Troy explained. “We needed a more reliable radio technology that could cover the whole property with clear sound quality.”


Efficiency Amplified

Relay became the linchpin in Twin Oaks Golf Course’s communication network, linking their outside service staff, starter, and the golf shop. Troy highlighted how Relay streamlined their processes and enhanced productivity throughout the operation.

“Relay has given us an efficient way to solve problems and enhance productivity in all aspects of our operation,” he said.


Beyond Traditional Solutions

Before Relay, Twin Oaks Golf Course relied on old school walkie-talkies. Relay’s unique features opened up new possibilities.

“Relay can be used from any area of the property,” Troy noted. “The 4G LTE and WiFi connection give us the ability to communicate from anywhere, which wasn’t possible with our past walkie-talkies.”


User-Friendly Innovation

Relay’s design simplicity and effectiveness impressed Troy and his team.

“With the loop cases, our team can clip Relay onto their belt loop and keep it there throughout their shifts,” he mentioned. “With so many moving parts in our daily operation, it’s vital for our team to have an effective way of communication.”


Utilizing Advanced Features

Beyond two-way communication, Twin Oaks Golf Course leveraged Relay’s additional features.

“The features we use are location tracking, emergency/panic notifications, and the loop case accessory,” Troy highlighted. “Relay has benefited our team in many ways, allowing us to communicate messages for all staff, locate employees dealing with serious situations, and keep radios in use for extended periods without charging.”


A Game-Changer for Businesses

Troy’s closing thoughts emphasized the transformative impact of Relay on their operations.

“Relay can offer your business the opportunity to communicate efficiently with a product that is easy to use, compact in size, and has a range that old school walkie-talkies would die for,” he said.

In conclusion, Twin Oaks Golf Course’s experience with Relay stands as a testament to its ability to revolutionize communication, providing businesses with a powerful tool to enhance efficiency and productivity, even in sprawling, challenging environments.

  • 18-hole championship course
  • Instruction and clinics offered by PGA Professionals



Improve productivity, streamline problem-solving, and enable seamless communication between different departments.


By implementing Relay, Twin Oaks Golf Course achieved a reliable and efficient communication network covering the entire property. The team experienced enhanced productivity, clear sound quality, and the ability to address problems swiftly. Leveraging Relay’s advanced features, including location tracking and emergency notifications, Twin Oaks Golf Course optimized its operations, ensuring seamless communication even in challenging situations.

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