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Elevating Guest Service at The Peabody Memphis with Relay


Implement Relay devices to enhance communication and guest service operations at The Peabody Memphis.

Relay ensures work is done fast and correct with streamlined dispatching system and Alice integration

In the bustling heart of Memphis, The Peabody stands as a timeless icon of luxury and hospitality. With 464 guest rooms and over 500,000 square feet of elegance, our historic hotel is more than just a destination; it’s an experience meticulously crafted for our guests.

Scott Boucher, Hotel Manager at The Peabody, recently shared his insights on how Relay transformed their communication systems and, in turn, elevated their guest service.


Embracing Innovation

“We used to rely on traditional two-way walkie-talkies,” Scott explained. “As we were considering upgrading to digital radios, we discovered Relay. It perfectly matched our needs, allowing us to establish multiple communication channels between departments.”


A Seamless Communication Network

Relay seamlessly integrated into The Peabody’s communication framework, becoming an integral part of their guest service operations.

“Relay became part of our dispatching system for guest and associate requests,” Scott noted. “Everything, from simple requests like more towels to addressing a leaky faucet, is efficiently communicated to the right departments through Relay.”


Unique Features, Exceptional Service

Relay’s unique features set it apart from traditional communication devices.

“The ability to use WiFi ensures a stable signal where cell phones often fail,” said Scott. “We utilize Relay for airport pick-ups, eliminating the need for a separate device. Our At Your Service operators use smart alerts to direct guest requests promptly. The GPS feature assists in guest transportation logistics, while the translation feature bridges language barriers among our diverse team members.”


Enhanced Guest Experiences

By implementing Relay, The Peabody streamlined guest interactions, ensuring swift responses and accurate service.

“We are able to streamline the guest experience by utilizing group chats and individual chats,” Scott emphasized. “This produces a better and quicker response for our guests, enriching their stay with us.”


A True Partnership

What truly sets Relay apart for The Peabody is the partnership approach.

“Service is the core of our industry,” Scott observed. “With Relay, it’s not just about selling a package and walking away. It’s a partnership. The Relay team is agile, always ready to explore possible needs and adjust to ensure it works seamlessly for us. Great service is what separates exceptional companies from good ones, and Relay exemplifies great service.”

In conclusion, Relay has not only revolutionized communication at The Peabody Memphis but has also become a testament to their commitment to exceptional guest service. Through innovative features, seamless communication, and a true partnership mentality, Relay continues to redefine how The Peabody welcomes and serves its guests, one interaction at a time.

  • 464 guest rooms; over 500,000 sq. ft.
  • Home of the famed Peabody Ducks



Streamline guest requests, improve internal communication, and ensure a swift, efficient response using Relay devices.


The implementation of Relay streamlined guest service operations, improved internal communication, facilitated efficient responses, and elevated overall guest experiences at The Peabody Hotel. The innovative features, coupled with exceptional service, reaffirmed the hotel’s commitment to delivering unparalleled hospitality.

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