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A kitchen supervisor reporting a fire using the workflow "Code Red".

Advanced Incident Response: Custom Workflows With Relay

Everyday, frontline workers across industries unfortunately find themselves in emergency situations. Not only are emergency situations scary and stressful, they can be confusing too. Knowing who’s supposed to be doing what, where, and when can help employees stay calm, and speed up the incident response process. 

Beyond having an emergency plan in place, teams need to be able to communicate with one another quickly and know where an incident has happened. Many paging and overhead systems only pass along information one-way and broadcasting messages to everyone within earshot can escalate high-stress situations. You may also find it difficult to get in contact with the right people using radios and cell phones.

Many of our existing customers chose Relay as their two-way communication tool because of Relay’s additional safety features. To enable our customers to handle emergency situations as quickly and efficiently as possible, in a way that works best for their specific business needs, we upgraded our incident response capabilities. 

What are Relay’s Advanced Incident Response Capabilities?

Our advanced incident response capabilities allow you to further customize who needs to be aware of emergency situations and how they can respond. Now you’ll be able to:

  • Dispatch incident alerts directly from the Relay dashboard or mobile app*
  • Create and name custom codes based on your phrasing preference*
  • Customize responder roles by choosing who receives an alert about the incident versus those who receive an alert and can communicate in the incident channel
  • Configure emails that are automatically sent when incidents are created 

*Incident Dispatch and Custom Phrases are only available for certain plans

These additional capabilities are especially useful for properties with sophisticated security teams, as well as those within the education or healthcare industries.

By setting up these workflows BEFORE an incident takes place, employees will be better prepared to deal with emergency situations. 

Setting Up Relay’s Incident Workflows

Incident workflows are triggered by voice on Relay devices or may be dispatched from the app or dashboard.

To set up incident workflows in your Relay dashboard, navigate to the Incident Setup page and then follow the steps below.

  1. Click Configure Incident Phrase or Incident Dispatch* 
  2. Type in a custom phrase or choose from the preset codes provided.* 
  3. Select who you would like to have the ability to trigger each workflow.
  4. Select your responders

Following setup, you’ll be able to view all your workflows in the dashboard.

*Incident Dispatch and Custom Phrases are only available for certain plans

How to Initiate an Incident Phrase Workflow

To initiate an incident, hold the assistant button and say the code name assigned to that workflow. If you would like to add additional context to the incident, say that after the code word, e.g. “Code Red fire in the kitchen”.

Any assigned responders to that code will hear the notification “Code Red fire in the kitchen by Scott. Tap the talk button to continue”. A communications channel will then be created with the person who triggered the incident and any responders. 

Dash (web) or Relay App users may see the Incident Details, including timestamps for who triggered the incident and responded, all messages transcribed and any location changes for the person who triggered the incident. This can be referenced after the fact in the incident history as well. Message history and transcriptions are only available for 7 days.

See Relay’s ​​Advanced Incident Response Capabilities in Action

Here’s a demo of Relay’s advanced incident response capabilities from our recent webinar.

Click here to learn more about Relay Incidents.

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